Shapes Edinburgh

Adult Classes

All classes are by House of Jack, taught by resident teacher Ashley Jack, all drop in

Check out the full details here on, and follow Ashley Jack on YouTube here!

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House beginners: If you love house music and being energetic, then this class is for you! Drill different elementary house steps each week, before putting them together into a routine. Drop-in class, everyone welcome! £6 / £5

House intermediate: For dancers a bit more experienced in house dance and looking to push themselves, this class tackles more advanced fundamental house steps, choreography with faster footwork, and builds up to freestyle circles in a supportive and friendly environment. £6 / £5

Hip hop beginners: Learn basic hip hop steps and a fun new routine each week in this relaxed class that focuses on enjoying the movement. Different sub-styles will be explored, such as lockin, poppin, hype, top-rock and more. £6 / £5

Hip hop intermediate: Challenge yourself with more intricate choreography and trickier foundations in this faster-paced class. Build stronger technique, improve musicality and delve more into freestyle all while having fun and learning about hip hop history and culture. £6 / £5

TNT Hip Hop: Intermediate-level class with a different teacher and style each week, exploring hip hop choreo, commercial, locking, popping, dancehall and more. All welcome! £6. Check out the TNT YouTube channel here to see a preview of classes!

80s: take it all the way back to the synth pop and power anthems of the 80s! Sweet Dreams are made in this Thriller of a class, where we Push It with new fun choreography each week. Nothing’s Gonna Stop us Now! £6 / £5

90s: return to the days of boybands, girlbands, dance epics and britpop. Never Forget this decade – Everybody needs some 90s in their life so Bring it all Back and Say You’ll be There! £6 / £5